Games by Kishor Berde

Games by Kishor Berde

Hi ..

I am a 27 year old solo indie game developer from India.

A self taught game designer – developer – artist who dived into game industry after graduating in Electronics and Telecom in 2014.

Improved with every game I made, in 2017 my games started getting attention of App Store Teams.

I consider my games as a piece of art and always try to create something unique. I create my games under a title SidKinG, combo of two gamer names.

Apart from this I have worked on many interesting AR/VR projects for marketing media, travelling, educational institutes, IOTs and many more. Checkout biz page to know more… 🙂

What’s cooking in the house ??

Since August 2019, I have been working on my biggest project till date.

It is a narrative puzzler. A game that tells a story with ingenious art and unique mechanics…

A story of four childhood friends.. who gather together for a journey they had planned in old days..

The game progresses day-wise, as in each day has event or activities presented as levels.


Stay in touch to know more about the game  😀  

Story of four childhood friends.. and bonding in adulthood.
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Hand drawn art and animations. Every pixel of this game is drawn on iPad

A few things in action  

Screenshots and making of “City”  

More games  


Slide marbles by swiping on a screen and guide them to their goals.. ALL MARBLES SLIDE TOGETHER and that's the first challenge you face in this game.
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Left Turn Master

A challenge to collect all the rings when you turn only left !!

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.Connect. is all about joining same color dots together. BUT , it is not your regular color match game! No match 3 or match 4, Two blocks or Twenty, connect them all!
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"MovE" is an AR game with unique mechanics. Your aim is guide ball to the flag by moving your hands slowly.

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“Serene!” is a one touch casual game. Each level is handcrafted and full of challenging patterns and illusions. Your goal is to collect all colour dots which is not easy when you can turn only to the LEFT! Find your way through artsy patterns and illusions.
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Twins: Brotherhood

“Twins” is a minimal puzzle game which features unique “Brotherhood” between Twin Brothers. You deal with two opposite worlds at the same time.
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Awards and nominations 

  • .Connect.  “Runner Up – Upcoming Game Awards”, IGDC 2018


  • SARKWO “Finalist – Indie Game Of The Year Awards”, IGDC 2019


  • DunkerFIGHTS #4 – BYOG, 2018

Selected articles 

  • “SidKing studio’s upcoming game SARKWO aims to improve problem solving skills ”
    – Poonam Mondal,Animation Xpress


  • “‘.Connect.’ is a Clever New Puzzler from the Creator of ‘Twins: Brotherhood’ that’s Launching Next Week” – Jared Nelson,Touch Arcade


  • “If You’re Into Augmented Reality Games, Check out the Upcoming ‘MovE’”
    – Eli Hodapp,Touch Arcade


  • “Upcoming ‘Twins: Brotherhood’ is like ‘Kalimba’ Meets ‘Stranger Things'”
    – Eli Hodapp,TouchArcade
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