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Based in Pune, India

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28 June 2018

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"MovE" is a unique AR game which actually let you interact with the AR world.
Your goal is to guide ball to the flag point using laser in the game. AND
Discover new mechanics, solve puzzles and enjoy use of Real Light for the first time in a game!
There are NO control buttons, swipes or any other gestures.
You control ball with the movements of Your Hands. Keep hands steady.. Move your device slowly to guide the ball.
Game offers you amazing levels placed in our real world. Levels test your ability to keep your hands steady, sometimes you need to control your breath and sometimes you need to think out of the box because game senses your surrounding :)


We hate to play AR games in which you play a regular game in a regular way but placed on your table. That does not justify depth of AR technology.
"MovE" took a shape from the small part of another AR game in development list. Tested a prototype and came to know the potential in this mechanics.
No control buttons at all, you play using your hands and your progress depends on how much control you have on your body especially hands and brain.
That is how journey of "MovE" started...


  • Unique AR game with actual human interactions
  • No Control buttons / gestures. Grab your device and use your hands to MovE it
  • Skill based level followed with brain teasers
  • Game amaze you by sensing your surrounding in some levels
  • No timers to rush, no ads.


"MovE" - Gameplay YouTube




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    - Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade
  • "MovE : un laser et beaucoup d'adresse nécessaires pour franchir des niveaux 3D affichés en Réalité Augmentée sur iPhone, iPad"
    - iphon.fr, iphon.fr

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About SidKinG Games

I am a 27 year old solo indie game developer from India.
A self taught game designer – developer – artist who dived into game industry after graduating in Electronics and Telecom in 2014.
Improved with every game I made, in 2017 my games started getting attention of App Store Teams.
I consider my games as a piece of art and always try to create something unique. I create my games under a title SidKinG, combo of two gamer names.
Have fun playing my games :D

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SidKinG Games Credits

Kishor S. Berde
Game Design, Programming, Art

Siddhesh S. Berde
Game Improvements, Quality Check

Harry Critchley

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks