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July 27, 2017

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"Twins" is a minimal puzzle game which features unique "Brotherhood" between Twin Brothers.

These twins always move together in the same direction. One of the Twins accidentally enters the REVERSE world of dark rooms, which is full of obstacles, tricky paths and darkness. Play as another twin and help your brother to escape from dark reverse world.

In reverse world movements are reversed and the challenge begins. Collect all stars and key, find and solve tricky paths, watch out for obstacles and escape the rooms within time.


Idea of Twins hit the brain of Kishor in early 2015. He started working on prototype of game in 2D world. Twins was a survival game earlier. Prototype was ready but there was no any engagement factor. Later, Kishor got busy in freelance work but in free time he was working on designs of Twins. Till mid 2016 Twins was a 3D game but an endless survival. Still no spark of a good game!

In Jan 2017, when we completely focused on developing our own game, we tried a puzzle version prototype of Twins. Bingo!

We reworked on almost every visual part of Twins, added some moral values and made a simple looking and challenging "Twins: Brotherhood"


  • Original and unique mechanics
  • 40 handcrafted minimal levels
  • Original relaxing music
  • Meaningful Achievements: Unlock different lessons/quotes about "Brotherhood"
  • 3D Touch Home Screen Quick Actions
  • Clean design and UI


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay: Glimpse of one good room YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "Upcoming 'Twins: Brotherhood' is like 'Kalimba' Meets 'Stranger Things'"
    - Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade
  • "Indie duo from SidKing turn to a puzzler for their second title"
    - Animation Express Team, Animation Express
  • "Im neuen Puzzle „Twins: Brotherhood“ bewegt ihr zwei Würfel auf einmal"
    - Marcus, iPlayApps.de

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About SidKinG Games

HeY, Ssup? I am Kishor. An indie game developer, E&TC Engineer and have never done 9-5 JOb.
Had worked as a freelance game developer for different game studios around the world for over 3 years. Currently focused on developing Best games for mobiles.
My brother, Siddhesh, helps me sometime. We call our team "SidKinG".
We want to give some best games to the world, from India!
Have a fun playing our games :D

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SidKinG Games Credits

Kishor S. Berde
Game Design, Programming, Art

Siddhesh S. Berde
Game Improvements, Quality Check

Harry Critchley

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks